Sistema Salute. La rivista Italiana di Educazione sanitaria e promozione della salute

The Italian Journal of Health Promotion and Health Education

The interdisciplinary  journal of Experimental Centre for Health Promotion and Health Education of the University of Perugia

ISSN 2280-0166

ISSN electronic 27240010

Editor in chief:  Giancarlo Pocetta

Managing editor: Filippo Antonio Bauleo

Editorial office: Paola Beatini

Publisher: Cultura e Salute Editore Perugia

The journal, following the movement for a new public health developed by the World Health Organization based on the undisputed principles of the Ottawa Charter, provides researchers and professionals with an Italian benchmark on theories, concepts, models, studies and practices on national and international health education and promotion.
The journal is mainly focused on:

– Promotion of individual and community health

– Health education

– Social determinants of health

– Health behaviours

– Environmental health

– Occupational health

– Global health

– Health inequalities

– Health policies

– Health systems and organizations