Volume 65, English Annual Supplement December 2021




Foreword  – Sistema Salute experiments new editorial approaches


Starting from the here briefly mentioned issues, we decided to diversify and en- rich our editorial approach by proposing to readers and experts of the subject some experiments providing a new articulation of Sistema Salute as it follows:

  1. an editorial space opening dedicated to health disputes(based on quality of solicited materials whether in the form of an annual dedicated issue either in form of a dedicated column in each issue);to document them, promote their knowledge, refine the arguments, allow them to be read across the board in order to enhance their impact and produce greater osmosis between the needs expressed by those exposed through them and the activities of services, local institutions and universities;
  2. greater interaction with the NHS, universities and local institutions aimed at stimulating production of texts on health promotion related issues;
  3. launch of an English annual issue which articles evaluated by the Editorial Committee, among those published in the last year, to be proposed to a global audience as they meet the criteria of methodological quality in text articulation, focused on general interest issues and with significant innovative elements in approach and proposal.
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